Name That! Review

Name That

As a family we love games, both my two and my nieces enjoy being competitive (not as much as me!) and as a boring/moany old lady now I especially love games that don’t take up an excessively large amount of space. So, when we were sent a copy of Name That from Megableu, both my competitive streak and my liking for compact games were satisfied.

Name That consists of 50 circular cards and a set of rules all contained Keep reading…

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar Review


Over the last week Scott and Alexa have been able to play with a brand new toy (so new it’s not available to buy until August!) that promises to teach children aged 3-6 the foundational skills of coding. The Code-a-Pillar (we named him Cody!) helps to develop skills like sequencing, critical thinking, reasoning, discovery, memory, problem solving and experimentation…all whilst your child just thinks they’re playing.

Inside the box you find the following:

A motorised head unit
8 body segments that Keep reading…

Me Time

Every parent wants some ‘me time’ occasionally, right?

I’m lucky in the sense that every now and again my sister will take the kids away to her caravan for the weekend to give me a chance to have that much craved for ‘me time’. It’s my chance to do whatever I like, go out if I want to, lay about all day if I want to, eat food that Alexa is allergic to or the kids hate if I want to without Keep reading…

Baby Annabell Comfort Seat

Baby Annabell Comfort Seat

When we attended LolliBop Festival 2 years ago, Alexa became obsessed with everything at the Baby Annabell stand, especially the Baby Annabell Comfort Seat. She grabbed two, jam packed them with ‘babies’ and then tried to make a run for it with them!

Luckily Santa came to the rescue at Christmas and got her a Comfort Seat all of her own and it’s been used to death since then carrying her babies wherever she goes and leaving her upset when my sister Keep reading…

Baby Annabell Brother Interactive Doll

Baby Annabell Brother

Alexa is usually the one that has Baby Annabell everything. Scott loves playing along with her and her dolls, he can often be found cuddling them, feeding them and putting them to sleep.  He has a double buggy of his own and a My First Baby Annabell Brother but he’s been wanting a ‘proper’ boy doll just like Alexa’s big dolls for a long time now.

Recently, whilst he had chickenpox, his day was made when a Baby Annabell Brother Interactive Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 17/07/16

My Sunday Photo

…we were supposed to be going to Pizza Express and then a showing of the new Ice Age film yesterday but instead they were both throwing up. Alexa was hit the hardest but luckily she has the best big brother who is happy to comfort her whilst just resting and watching whatever she wanted on tv.


Could Your Child Be The Next Big Vlogger?

Digital Kids Shhow Vlogger Competition

If, like me, you have a child who dreams of being a vlogger (or gamer as Scott likes to call it), then this competition could be ideal for you. Scott has been desperate for me to get him his own computer and consoles for about a year now because he wants to be just like the people he watches on YouTube talking about and playing his favourite games. He doesn’t want to do it for fame or money – I Keep reading…

Num Noms Series 2

Num Noms Series 2

As you may have realised from my previous reviews of Num Noms, Alexa and Scott absolutely love them. When they found out that Series 2 was launching at the start of July with new scents and new accessories they couldn’t wait to be able to get their hands on some.

As before, Nums are the outer, soft squishy, hollow characters that sit on top of Noms. This time Noms are not only a mixture of motorised characters or flavoured lip glosses Keep reading…

Our Lion Guard Twitter Party

Lion Guard Toys

Last Wednesday we took part in a Twitter party to celebrate the release of the brand new Disney Lion Guard toy collection from Flair.

In preparation for our party we received a very big box full of exciting looking toys to play with along with some party games to play, some goody bag items and …cake!

Because the party was due to take place on Twitter during school time, we had the party a few days ahead but met with some Keep reading…