My Sunday Photo – 29/03/15


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My Sunday Photo – 22/03/15


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Mother’s Day And My First Mother’s Day Assembly


Last Thursday was Scott’s nursery Mother’s Day Assembly. He didn’t want to go to school because ‘they’re going to make me sing Mummy, I don’t want to sing’…tough!

Just as Alexa and I were dropping him off he then also decided to drop the bombshell on me that they had all painted pictures of their mummies …cue me starting to have a slight panic due to the small fact that my son has never once bothered to try and draw/paint people. Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 15/03/15


A little trip to the park after school, taken just before the little madam threw the ball at the back of his head and then herself down the slide into his back …sibling love at it’s finest!!


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Having Fun With The Beados Glitter Quick Dry Design Studio


Before Christmas I became accustomed to the constant badgering from Scotty that he desperately NEEDed a Beados set for Christmas thanks to the numerous adverts on tv. His persistence at needing a Beados set only intensified at New Year once he’d had the chance to play with (and use up) a set belonging to my friend’s daughter.

Needless to say, when the Beados Glitter Quick Dry Studio from Character Toys arrived for us to review, I had one very happy little Keep reading…

Mummy, I Want A Party


In just 2 and a half weeks my baby girl will be 3. Three. How the hell did that happen?! I can still vividly remember her being my tiny smiley baby whose only demands were milk, cuddles and a clean nappy. Now I have a stroppy little madam that thinks she’s a teenager and has figured out how to get demands of all kinds across – usually as a result of what’s on the adverts on Nick Jr or Disney Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 08/03/15


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Penwizard – Lost My Name Book – Review


I was recently asked by Penwizard if I’d like to review one of their books…it took less than a second for me to think about it!

Penwizard specialises in personalised books for children. Each book stars your child either alongside well known characters such as Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly, The Snowman and of course Santa, or by letting them become knights, princesses, wizards and footballers. You can also add a personalised message to each book if you choose to.

When I went Keep reading…

World Book Day – What The Little Paines Wore…


Today is World Book Day and one of those days of the school year I’ve come to dread! I’ve not had children at school until this year but I’ve been witness to my nieces having meltdowns over what to wear and my sister pulling her hair out over how to manage their expectations and pay for the outfits they want.

It doesn’t help when it seems like the school Scott goes to appears to have a hundred similar days where they Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 01/03/15


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