Simple Halloween Costume Ideas From Vita Coco Kids

0109 VCK Halloween_v7_4

Having a last minute panic over not having a Halloween costume? Or had one but like Alexa’s pumpkin outfit, it’s met a bitter end? Or maybe even it’s just a case of wanting a different one?

Well Vita Coco Kids teamed up with a theatre and film costume designer to come up with some easy Halloween costumes for parents like us! They won’t take long to rustle up and use everyday household items that you hopefully have around the house.

Hope they’re Keep reading…

The Start Of Halloween…


Halloween is a very exciting time in our house. Why? Because it’s Scott’s birthday of course!

He’s now at the point where he’s convinced that Halloween exists purely for him and his birthday. If he sees Halloween decorations up in shops he gets excited and says ‘look Mummy, they’re for my birthday’ …oh wouldn’t it be fun to be a delusional 3 year old again!!

This week we got a pumpkin and carved it, usually it would just all be up to Keep reading…

Sugarpoke Review


Ever sat about wondering what to get someone as a little thank you gift that’s a bit different? Or maybe a small birthday present to go along with a card? Or maybe even just a little something to let someone know you’re thinking about them?

Well sugarpoke is the place for you!

It’s a place you can go and spend anywhere from as little as £4.99 and send your chosen person (or even yourself) a nice little treat…even better is that the price Keep reading…

Assumptions About Being A Single Parent

I was having a conversation with someone on facebook earlier and out of nowhere it turned into a discussion about how they thought I MUST feel about being a single parent. It’s not the first time this has happened (even this week) and I’m sure it won’t be the last time either, but I do wish it would stop, I don’t interrogate anyone or make assumptions about them being in a relationship so why should my little life have to be Keep reading…