Og On The Bog Review And Giveaway

Og On The Bog

It’s every mum’s dream to have her children rolling around in hysterics over fart noises, isn’t it?! No? Well I have to admit that usually the adverts for games that have a more disgusting nature usually leave me saying ‘No, you definitely can’t have it’, but when Og On the Bog from Drumond Park arrived at my door I actually couldn’t wait to start playing with it myself.

Inside the box are the following items:
Og in his bog, 12 Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 15/11/15

My Sunday Photo

…casually painting a pumpkin on his return from theatre, personally I’d have been sleeping it off!

Scott’s Operation

Scott's Operation

I’ve been waiting over a year now for a date for Scott to have a minor operation. A few weeks ago we got the pre-op appointment date and last week the date for the operation was confirmed…today was the day.

For the last week I’ve been unable to think about anything rationally.

For the last year I’ve had the ‘risks’ going through my head, you know the General Anaesthetic risks that include that small thing known as death. So for the last week Keep reading…

Disney Pictopia Review

Disney Pictopia

I always loved playing board games when I was younger, I loved being able to do something with my brother and sister and not feel like I was just the baby of the family …I also loved winning! Being 11 years younger than my sister and 12 years younger than my brother meant, to me, that I had to be just as good as them …scrap that, I had to be better!!

The thing is, I ‘might’ have got so competitive Keep reading…

Christmas Stamps From Stamptastic

Stamptastic Christmas Stamps

You may remember that during the summer I told you about the amazing stamps I got from Stamptastic to label the kids’ school uniforms that saved me an eternity doing it all by hand …well, the clever people at Stamptastic are now doing stamps to help you label your cards and/or gifts at Christmas too.

I was offered the chance to order a Large Christmas Stamp, a “Merry Christmas” Stamp and a Vintage Address Stamp along with a large ink pad Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 08/11/15

My Sunday Photo

…they might look all sweet and innocent but they really aren’t!

International Elf Service – Elfie’s Letters Review

International Elf Service Letters

I love Christmas, not the worrying myself sick over how to afford presents part, but the look on my gorgeous little angel’s faces as their excitement builds in the lead up to it.  I love the pure magic of Christmas and am always looking for ways to bring that magic to Scott and Alexa whilst they’re still little enough to believe in it.

Last year I almost wet myself with excitement over the ‘My Letter From Santa‘ I got for the Keep reading…

Mummy, Look, I’m F**king Myself!

Yep, that’s right, the phrase everyone dreams of hearing their 3 year old saying …not!

I was driving along when I heard that very phrase come from the back seat and I have to say I nearly crashed the car. I stopped at the traffic lights, turned in my seat and asked her what she had just said.

“I said I’m f*cking myself Mummy”

At this point I thought I must have told too many other drivers what to do with themselves on Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 01/11/15

Birthday Boy

…the birthday boy opening his presents yesterday

My Sunday Photo – 25/10/15

My Sunday Photo - Scotty Sleeping

He’s still not feeling very well and is having problems more so through the nights meaning he’s very tired (and so am I!)

He fell asleep on the sofa earlier and I couldn’t resist taking this, I just think he looks so gorgeous and peaceful.