My Sunday Photo – 25/01/15


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Word Of The Week – 23/01/15


This week my word is…

Last Sunday I went off to Tesco to get a few essentials to keep us going for a few more days and in the less than 60 seconds it took for me to pay, my daughter went missing.

I looked for Scott who was at the end of the checkout messing about with something on the floor, asked him where Alexa was and he said he didn’t know. It was the start of the longest Keep reading…

How To ‘Get Rid Of A Cat’ According To A 4yr Old!

We have a cat who’s rather old now and who, along with any other cat, Alexa is allergic to.

The consultant at the hospital says she’s probably ok with him as she’s been around him since birth but that if she were to go away for a few weeks and then come back she would no doubt have a huge reaction. The problem with this now is that each day for the last few months she’s been starting to have a Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 18/01/15


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Word Of The Week – 16/01/15


This week my word is…

I’ve had a shit week, and when I say that I mean really really shit!

In general I’ve just not been feeling well and moving and walking has been really hurting thanks to my back problem really playing up. I’ve been living on my painkillers all week and counting down the hours till I could pop another pill.

Then the lovely Jobcentre people decided to sanction me for not going to an appointment in December, which would be acceptable Keep reading…

Weebledown Farm Wobbily Farm Mill and Barn Review

Wobbily Farm Mill and Barn Review

Scott and Alex love it when parcels arrive as usually it’s something for them, they get excited at the many possibilities of what could be inside and can’t wait to rip things open.

When our Weebledown Farm Wobbily Farm Mill and Barn arrived it was the usual scenario but then when they saw inside the excitement escalated.

Scott was beside himself with excitement and shouting ‘Lex! Lex! It’s the Weebledown Farm Windmill, look!’ Erm..ok then! Clearly I’m not ‘with it’ Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 11/01/15


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Peppa Pig Holiday

05595 Peppa Pig's Sunshine Villa FPS

Is your little one as in love with all things Peppa Pig as much as my little girl? Both her and Scott have spent the last 9 months chattering away about their trip to Peppa Pig World for her birthday last year and have decided they’re going again this year. Alexa gets excited at the mere sight of Peppa, whenever a glimpse of her comes on tv there’s no stopping her launching into singing the theme tune and wanting whatever Keep reading…

Word Of The Week – 09/01/15


Ooh this week seems to have flown by and I’ve got nothing really to show for it so my word will be…

I feel so tired it’s driving me insane.

I was so tired the other day I managed to burn myself whilst cooking and tried to pick up the pot from the cooker with my hand rather than attaching the handle (better than burning the food I guess!)

I’m that tired I didn’t even realise it was Friday and almost forgot to Keep reading…

Dettol Baby Blanket Campaign


You may remember that a few months ago I told you about the Dettol baby blanket campaign where you could donate blankets to them by the end of December.

I’ve been informed today that due to high demand they have now extended the deadline until the middle of February.

If you need reminding about the what the campaign is about, please look at my previous post here, or watch the video below.

As before, if you would like to donate a blanket you Keep reading…