My Sunday Photo – 23/08/15

Scott at Colchester Zoo

On our recent trip to Colchester Zoo, Scott discovered this Gorilla statue and decided to pick it’s nose…lovely child :/

Our Lego Dream Home

Lego Dream House

Scott and Alexa were recently invited to take part in a competition to build their dream home out of Lego by Ocean Finance …obviously being only 3 and 4 years old, their dream home isn’t quite what I would choose, they just want rooms full of toys!

It started off well, they semi agreed on what kind of thing they wanted to build, and that Scott would do the building as he’s older …this lasted about 5 minutes before madam decided that no, Scott Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 16/08/15

My Sunday Photo

This week we went to a different country park than we usually do, this one had cool play area along a trail that the kids loved. We stayed at this structure for a looong time as they didn’t want to leave it, think we need a climbing frame in the garden!

National Doll Day At The Museum of Childhood

National Doll Day at the Museum of Childhood

Last weekend we were invited along to celebrate National Doll Day at the Museum of Childhood by the lovely people at Zapf Creation. As Alexa is Baby Annabell’s biggest fan there was absolutely no way I could have turned the invite down.

That day started with both Scott and Alexa over excited about going to the museum, Scott lost his enthusiasm a bit when I told him it was for doll day but he got over it when I told him Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 09/08/15

My Sunday Photo

Our park had loads of free activities taking place this Wednesday as part of National Play Day.  We spent 80 minutes queueing for a whole 3 minutes on these trampolines but the two of them totally loved it

School Belts From EasyBelt – Review and Giveaway

Easybelts School Belts

I often have problems when buying trousers to fit Scott. He’s got a little waist (he can still fit 18-24) and little-ish legs. If I buy him trousers to fit his waist they’re too short and if I buy them to fit his legs they fall down! Up until now I’ve relied heavily on trousers with adjustable waists but even those can sometimes prove problematic when in order to keep them up they’re adjusted so tight that he struggles to pull them up Keep reading…

Stamptastic – The Easy Way To Label Uniforms


I can’t remember what my own uniforms were labelled with, whether it was by sewn on tags or the iron on kind, I have a feeling it may have alternated between the two (I obviously can’t ask my parents), but what I do remember is my mum muttering away to herself whilst she was trying to sort out labelling everything. I used to think she was a little crazy but now I’m faced with being responsible for labelling my own Keep reading…

Schleich Farm Life Horses & Accessories

Alexa was over the moon a couple of weeks ago when we received a selection of new Farm Life horses and accessories to play with.

We received the following accessories:
Blanket and Headstall: can fit all of the horses with ease. The blanket wraps around the horse and is secured under the heads with Velcro, the headstall slips on easily too.
Equestrian Grooming Kit: contains a storage box with currycomb, grooming brush and leg cuffs/boots/I don’t quite know what they are! The pieces in this kit Keep reading…

Baby Annabell Potty Review

Baby Annabell Potty

We received a nice little addition to our Baby Annabell collection recently in the form of a potty.

This potty isn’t just any old potty, it’s a potty that is shaped to look like the Baby Annabell sheep with a face on the front, a little tail on the back and little feet. It’s pink and white and made of very thick, durable plastic.

The potty makes wee-ing noises when Baby Annabell sits on it, along with a voice Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 02/08/15

Punch & Judy

Not the best quality photo but I love it, we were at the Museum of Childhood for National Dolls Day and they found this Punch & Judy theatre. Of course they HAD to have a go and decided to use their dolls to have a fight!