Sibling Love – A Punishable Offence?


Yesterday I went to pick up my gorgeous babies from nursery.

Upon being let in the door I had one of the workers in my face telling me all about how naughty Scott is and at first I thought ‘oh here we go again’.

You see, this same worker was having a moan at me the day before about Scott being naughty, about ‘Electra’ being naughty (she can’t even get my child’s name right), that they laughed at her when she told Keep reading…

Late Summer Visits To Colchester Zoo


On the last week of the summer holidays we spent the week with my sister and nieces at her caravan. Whilst there we decided we’d have to visit one of the kid’s favourite places – Colchester Zoo.

Alyssa was taking part in a show being run at the caravan park so had to go to rehearsals every day until 1pm meaning we weren’t going to get to the zoo until 2pm. So, rather than disappointing the little ones by not being Keep reading…

LolliBop – Day 2 – With The Toddlers, Tweens and 2 Old People


Just for clarification: me and my sister are the old people!

It was Saturday and that meant day 2 of LolliBop. My nerves had just started repairing themselves and it was time to be setting off again. This time I was feeling a lot more relaxed as I had back-up, plus I knew what the event was like and knew what bits I was really wanting/needing to see still.

Scott and Alexa were chattering away excitedly about their visitĀ the day beforeĀ and the Keep reading…

LolliBop – Day 1 – Just Me And My Paines


Four weeks ago I finally got to go the event I’d been looking forward to for months. I was initially only going to go on the Saturday along with my sister and nieces but a week or so beforehand I was lucky enough to win some tickets from Scott’s all time favourite people – Thomas & Friends!

Scott, Alexa and I got into the car at the crack of dawn (ok slight exaggeration, more like 8.30am!) and made our Keep reading…

Tangerines At The Zoo!!


Scott just asked me if we can go back to the zoo soon.

I said of course we could and asked what animals he was wanting to see when we went.

So, all excited he starting reeling off a list of his ‘favourite’ animals and amongst them were:

Dik Diks (they’re funny Mummy)

I nearly choked on my drink laughing and told him that tangerines weren’t animals, they’re fruit.

He looked at me like I was an idiot and said ‘no Mummy, we saw the Keep reading…

Personal-Planner Family Wall Planner Review & Giveaway


As you may have guessed from my recent post about my planner from Personal-Planner, I really love it and the fact it’s so personalised. Imagine how happy I was then when I found out they not only did planners but they did wall versions too!!

They’re not just any old wall planner either, as with the planner I carry about with me, the wall planner is fully customisable too…yay!

I don’t usually bother buying a wall planner, I’m not the kind of Keep reading…