Collage-Canvas Review


After getting my first canvases earlier this year, I’m a little bit hooked (even though I’ve had an horrendous canvas from one company!) and when the lovely people from Collage-Canvas offered me a discount on one of their canvases in exchange for a review I was very quick to say ‘yes please!’

I’d never really considered getting a collage canvas done before but now I thought about it, it made perfect sense. After all I was always sat here for hours Keep reading…

Half-Shell Heroes


I was recently asked if my little ones would like a Half-Shell Heroes Christmas card and a small gift, of course I’m not stupid and said yes please!

What I got through the post though was a very pleasant surprise – a card each which they both love and now have stashed away somewhere where the other one can’t get at it (yep, we’re at that stage now!) and a bauble with a cool little Turtle from Flair’s new Keep reading…

Silent Sunday – 14/12/14


Take a look at this week’s photo.

Scott’s First Parents Evening

Well, afternoon as it took place at 1pm!  I was a little nervous about what they’d have to say about him but I totally didn’t need to be

When we sat down Alexa was asking why we were in there and I told her it was so we could be told how naughty Scott is and at the same time both her and his keyworker said ‘No, Scott is a good boy’ …I’m sure they both know a different Scott!!

I Keep reading…

VAX Gator 12v Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review


I don’t like cleaning, but it’s one of those things that has to be done and unfortunately I’m the only one in the house that can do it – go me! However, give me something that makes the tedious task of cleaning easier/faster and I’m a happy girl.

With two little people in the house, creating all kinds of mess wherever they go, I’m forever having to drag out my vacuum and use it for those 2 second jobs which really isn’t Keep reading…

The Coolest Wrapping Paper Ever?!


Ever get a little bored with the choice of wrapping paper available and wish you could find something really great and unique? Well, I found it!

Wrap.Me is the place to go to get the wrapping paper you’ve always dreamed of, personalised just for you with any photos you choose – well, you wouldn’t want someone else’s sheet full of their photos would you?! (Though maybe in some cases this would prove interesting!)

And yes, this IS yet another way for me to Keep reading…

Silent Sunday – 07/12/14


Take a look at this week’s photo.