Pet Parade Family Mum and Baby Review

Pet Parade Family Mum and Baby

Last year we reviewed the Pet Parade Carry Kit and Scott and Alexa became hooked. We’ve since added to our collection with the Play World and additional dogs and last week we were sent two new additions to our Pet Parade family – The Pet Parade Family Mum and Baby.

The Pet Parade Family Mum and Baby are available in both dog/puppy and cat/kitten versions – we received the Red Tabby Cat and Kitten set. As soon as Alexa Keep reading…

Ben and Holly Toy Range Review

Ben and Holly Carry Cases

At the start of the holidays we became ‘Official Ben and Holly Bloggers’ and were sent a huge box full of very cool toys. These obviously came in handy over the summer keeping my two occupied when apparently mummy was being boring! I’ve split my reviews into two posts to avoid having an overly long post so I hope you come back to read part 2 🙂

Princess Holly Carry Case & Ben’s Adventure Case (RRP £12.99)

Before opening the Keep reading…

Disney Sofia The First Toys #SofiaAdventures

Sofia the First Toys

Alexa loves all things Disney Princess and of course Sofia the First is a regular feature in our house. A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to receive a rather exciting box filled with Sofia the First toys from Jakks Pacific.
The box contained some of the new range of collectible Sofia the First toys which of course Alex was happy to add to her growing collection.

We received the following:
Sofia the First with Royal Friend Figure
Ruby with Royal Keep reading…



We were recently sent a new game to play – My First BANANAGRAMS. It’s not like the other games we have that are purely fun, this one is educational too…only the kids don’t seem to realise it!

The game comes packaged inside a green fabric pouch that’s shaped like a, you’ll never guess what, banana! Scott looked at it and immediately pointed out that the banana wasn’t the right colour, it was just like the ones that aren’t ripe Keep reading…

Ravensburger Girls 3D Puzzle Range

3D Puzzle - Funky Owl Range

We all like doing puzzles in this house and Alexa especially is really getting into them, the only problem we have is that she gets frustrated when her newly completed puzzle then has to be dismantled and put away. So, when we were offered the chance to review the new range of girls 3D puzzles from Ravensburger I jumped at it as I thought this would solve our problem.

The new range includes a Funky Owl and a Unicorn Keep reading…

Flying Twirlywoos

Flying Twirlywoos

Towards the end of the summer holidays, Scott and Alexa opened a parcel to find Chickedy and Toodloo from the Twirlywoos peering out at them. These aren’t just any old Twirlywoos toys, these are Flying Twirlywoos and if you didn’t know by now …flying toys are infinitely cooler than any other!

The Flying Twirlywoos come in clear plastic packaging and are fairly easy to remove. Once out of the packaging you need to attach the propeller/blade/(spinning thing?!) to the Keep reading…

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster: Thomas and Percy Railway Race Set

Thomas and Percy Railway Race Set

To  coincide with the release of the new Thomas & Friends film, The Great Race, Scott was recently sent the TrackMaster Thomas and Percy Railway Race Set to play with and of course he wasn’t complaining about trying it out.

Inside the box are bags containing pieces of track, large sections of the set, a Thomas TrackMaster train, a Percy TrackMaster train and a set of instructions.

Assembling the set is quick and easy. As with all TrackMaster Keep reading…

Our First Driving Experience With Young Driver

Young Driver

It’s ok, before you panic, I’m not about to tell you that Scott and Alexa got behind the wheel – that would be, well, scary! – but Shannon and Alyssa got their first taste of driving recently thanks to Young Driver.

Young Driver offers driving lessons to young people between the ages of 10 and 17 on 45 courses across the UK that are specially designed to replicate real roads.
Research shows that early driving experience cuts road accidents by 40%. With 1 in Keep reading…

Baby Annabell Autumn 2016 – New Products Available

Baby Annabell New Doll - Autumn

Now that Summer has left us it’s time for a new range of Baby Annabell products of course! There are lots of great new Baby Annabell products available now, many are new or have been updated for Autumn 2016 so I’m sharing some of them here for you to see.

Baby Annabell Doll
So cute and weighted just like a real baby, Baby Annabell is the perfect doll for all mini mummy and daddies. With incredibly lifelike functions, Baby Annabell sleeps, Keep reading…