My Sunday Photo – 01/03/15


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Mothers Day Crafting With Baker Ross


If you’re looking for something to help the little ones make for you for Mothers Day, then this lovely kit from Baker Ross is the project for you. I know it’s supposed to be a case of you don’t know what you’re getting until the special day but for mummies like me, that option is pretty much out of the window until they’re old enough to a) make something by themselves b) can keep quiet about it! I actually don’t mind Keep reading…

Bunny Jump Review


When I was younger I used to love playing games, console games, card games, board games…the only problem was I used to always win so it got to the point where my brother and sister refused to play with me!!

Scott and Alexa are now getting to the age where they like playing with games. I like that they’re interested and learning, and as it’s something I can buy for the two of them to share it’s a win-win situation for Keep reading…

Win The Ultimate Girly Night In


As a single mum to two little devils Paines, I often find myself fantasising about having an evening where I can have a friend or two round, have a bit of a gossip, eat and drink something I shouldn’t and watch something that doesn’t involve a talking train, pig, monkey, toy etc.

That’s why I’m already jealous of the future winner of this great prize. The lucky winner will receive everything needed to achieve the perfect girly night in and who wouldn’t want Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 22/02/15


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Word Of The Week – 20/02/15


This week my word is…

This week was the dreaded half term.

That lovely time where I need to entertain not just my two but my nieces too on whatever tiny amount of cash I magically have left.

So after a little thought I decided to crack out all my craft supplies and let them loose …this was no simple thing for me, I’ve been building my craft supplies for years and never let my nieces (let alone my two) touch Keep reading…

eFrame Review


You may have noticed that I like displaying photos of my lovely children. I’ve now got some canvases, Instagram polaroid style prints and a print on wood, what I didn’t have was a perfect way to display the various photos I have bought from nursery or from special photography offers.

If you looked around my living room you could see a mish-mash of frames, only two matched and the three photos I got from their nursery last year were in *whispers* pound shop frames that Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 15/02/15


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Word Of The Week – 13/02/15


This week my word is…

Seriously, where has this week gone?!

Last weekend we spent Saturday making and decorating biscuits, Sunday we spent just slobbed out on the sofa watching films as we were all feeling a bit pants.

Monday I had the joyful task of taking the kids to a jobcentre meeting and trying to get them to stay quiet for long enough to stop the woman giving us evils – well tough really considering they know I’m a lone Keep reading…

Grandpa Pig’s Holiday Boat Review


You may remember that recently I posted about the new range of Peppa Pig toys that had just launched and I was informed I MUST get in time for a certain little madam’s 3rd birthday next month, well, we recently were lucky enough to be sent Grandpa Pig’s Holiday Boat to play with from Character.

When it arrived Alexa was desperate to get it out of the box and start playing. George, Peppa and Grandpa were all easy to get out of Keep reading…