Baby Annabell Brother Interactive Doll

Baby Annabell Brother

Alexa is usually the one that has Baby Annabell everything. Scott loves playing along with her and her dolls, he can often be found cuddling them, feeding them and putting them to sleep.  He has a double buggy of his own and a My First Baby Annabell Brother but he’s been wanting a ‘proper’ boy doll just like Alexa’s big dolls for a long time now.

Recently, whilst he had chickenpox, his day was made when a Baby Annabell Brother Interactive Keep reading…

Num Noms Series 2

Num Noms Series 2

As you may have realised from my previous reviews of Num Noms, Alexa and Scott absolutely love them. When they found out that Series 2 was launching at the start of July with new scents and new accessories they couldn’t wait to be able to get their hands on some.

As before, Nums are the outer, soft squishy, hollow characters that sit on top of Noms. This time Noms are not only a mixture of motorised characters or flavoured lip glosses Keep reading…

Our Lion Guard Twitter Party

Lion Guard Toys

Last Wednesday we took part in a Twitter party to celebrate the release of the brand new Disney Lion Guard toy collection from Flair.

In preparation for our party we received a very big box full of exciting looking toys to play with along with some party games to play, some goody bag items and …cake!

Because the party was due to take place on Twitter during school time, we had the party a few days ahead but met with some Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 10/07/16

My Sunday Photo - Sports Day

…concentrating hard during one of the races at sports day 🙂
His team won btw!


Alexa’s Missed Sports Day

Alexa's Sports Day

Today was supposed to be my baby girl’s first sports day. Her only one at nursery. She had practiced for it all week and kept telling me how amazing she was going to be.

She had to wear something yellow so naturally that involved her choosing a new dress (paid for by money I was given for my birthday on Monday!) and shorts to wear underneath and she was incredibly excited about finally getting the chance to take part in all the Keep reading…

I’m A Lion Guard Twitter Party Host

Lion Guard Toys

If your little ones are fans of Disney’s The Lion Guard then you’ll want to join myself, UKMumsTV and some other parent bloggers this Wednesday between 1pm and 3pm for a Twitter party to celebrate the release of the brand new Disney Lion Guard toy collection.

In preparation for our party we received a very big box full of exciting looking toys to play with along with some party games to play. The party will give you a chance to have Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 03/07/16

My Sunday Photo - Holding Hands

…on the way to the beach, they both wanted to carry the bag with the buckets and spades so I caught them doing this!


Our Trip To Sea Life London Aquarium

Sea Life London Aquarium

If you’ve ever read my about me page you’ll know I’m afraid of fish. Afraid probably isn’t a strong enough word really …terrified. So much so that in the last week I’ve even had nightmares about them and woken up crying and screaming – Scott of course found this hilarious as he’d heard me talking in my sleep about fish and now thinks Mummy is a big wimp. So why on earth was I preparing to visit the Sea Life Keep reading…

Take Part In The First Golden Bucket Sand Art Competition

Golden Bucket Sand Art Competition

Children aged up to 8yrs are being encouraged to show off their creative talents when they head to the beach this summer by taking part in the inaugural Golden Bucket Sand Art Competition.

The 12-week competition, which is being sponsored by The Original Konfidence Swim Jacket by Konfidence™, launches on 1st July 2016 and offers children the chance to win a bucketful of great prizes.

Not only will the overall winner of the best sand art design win the coveted Keep reading…

More Minecaft Master Vloggers Announced For The Digital Kids Show

Digital Kids Show

Four more Minecraft superstars have joined the Digital Kids Show line up as the who’s who of the YouTube fraternity scramble to join the event roster.

The latest additions to the show’s exciting line up include Ethan Gamer, SalemsLadyM, Netty Plays and Mini Matt Smith aka MinecartMayhem who join AshDubh, LDShadowLady, Amy Lee, Tomohawk and Smallishbeans.

Ethan Gamer, from South Manchester, is the youngest to join the show’s bill. Age hasn’t stopped him from amassing 972,465 subscribers in the three Keep reading…