Thomas & Friends Tale Of The Brave Screening and Review


At the start of this month we were lucky enough to be invited to go and see the new Thomas film at Drayton Manor’s 4D cinema. Even though the film had been at cinemas over the end of the holidays and had been out on DVD for 2 days prior to the screening, I had just about managed to prevent Scott from seeing it until that point (though he had managed to find it on YouTube – grr!).

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Our Last Summer Trip To The Beach


Whilst away for the week we put in a quick impromptu visit to the beach one afternoon.

We were totally unprepared, no change of clothes, no swimming stuff, no buckets and spades… how rubbish! We did however manage to buy some new bucket and spade sets from the nearby shop so I got some brownie points there, plus the fact we were getting onto the beach full stop made Mummy and Aunty Shaz amazing!

Scott stripped down to his tshirt and pants Keep reading…

Sibling Love – A Punishable Offence?


Yesterday I went to pick up my gorgeous babies from nursery.

Upon being let in the door I had one of the workers in my face telling me all about how naughty Scott is and at first I thought ‘oh here we go again’.

You see, this same worker was having a moan at me the day before about Scott being naughty, about ‘Electra’ being naughty (she can’t even get my child’s name right), that they laughed at her when she told Keep reading…

Late Summer Visits To Colchester Zoo


On the last week of the summer holidays we spent the week with my sister and nieces at her caravan. Whilst there we decided we’d have to visit one of the kid’s favourite places – Colchester Zoo.

Alyssa was taking part in a show being run at the caravan park so had to go to rehearsals every day until 1pm meaning we weren’t going to get to the zoo until 2pm. So, rather than disappointing the little ones by not being Keep reading…

LolliBop – Day 2 – With The Toddlers, Tweens and 2 Old People


Just for clarification: me and my sister are the old people!

It was Saturday and that meant day 2 of LolliBop. My nerves had just started repairing themselves and it was time to be setting off again. This time I was feeling a lot more relaxed as I had back-up, plus I knew what the event was like and knew what bits I was really wanting/needing to see still.

Scott and Alexa were chattering away excitedly about their visitĀ the day beforeĀ and the Keep reading…