Vita Coco Kids Is Bringing The Beach To Lollibop!


It’s getting closer and the latest thing for us to look forward to at LolliBop is now the Vita Coco Kids Beach Club. (yay!)

Vita Coco Kids will be inviting families at LolliBop 2014 to take part in games on the sand at their pop up beach club, including hourly sandcastle building competitions and a coconut shy with chances to win nutty prizes.

If you’d rather just be chilling out there’s also a colouring and activity area plus lots of deck chairs for mums, dads Keep reading…

An Afternoon At The Airfield


Alexa is absolutely obsessed with planes. Every time she sees or hears one she gets ultra excited and jumps up n down screaming out ‘plane! plane!’

So because of this we decided a week or so ago to take the kids to the airfield to watch some taking off and landing. Both Scott and Alexa loved every second of it.

The look of pure wonder and excitement on their gorgeous little faces was amazing, it was heart melting and on the Keep reading…

End of School: Teacher’s Gifts


As you may have guessed from my last post, I don’t particularly like the teachers at the girl’s school. I also am not really keen on the whole buying teachers presents thing either and more so the fact it seems to have turned into a big competition between the parents as to who gets the teachers the best gift.

Whilst at the Year 6 leaver’s play, I overheard some of the parents chatting about what they’d got and how much they’d Keep reading…

All Aboard For Summer Fun As Thomas & Friends™ Steams Into LolliBop


Cinders and Ashes!

Fizzling Fireboxes!

Bust My Buffers! (you get the gist!) For the first time ever, Thomas & Friends™ will be making tracks to LolliBop…and it’s absolutely no secret that this little blue engine is going to be the sole focus for my little Paines when we get to LolliBop! Scott absolutely lives for Thomas (Alexa isn’t far off either!) and I don’t think I’d hear the end of it if we didn’t spend lots Keep reading…

End of School: Concerts, Plays and Other Tedious Things!

As you know, I look after my nieces after school whilst my sister is at work, and since I was made redundant I now am also ‘lucky’ enough to be able to go to school events on behalf of my sister if she can’t get the time off.

Shannon is leaving primary school this year meaning that right now is the time of the leaver’s assembly, play, concert, prom (prom, at 10yrs old?? pfft!), day trips etc etc and guess who Keep reading…