Clangers Puzzles Review

Clangers Puzzles

Scott and Alexa love the Clangers, and have recently reignited their love for puzzles, so when we were offered the chance to review two Clangers puzzles from Ravensburger I obviously had to say yes.

We were sent a Clangers Giant Puzzle with 24 pieces and a Clangers 4 in Box puzzle set that contains four puzzles with varying levels of difficulty.

First we opened the Clangers 4 in Box set. The box contains puzzles with 12, 16, 20 and Keep reading…

Clangers Home Planet Playset Review

Clangers Home Planet Playset

Back in July I promised to share with you more Clangers toys when I got the chance to and now is that time We were recently sent the Clangers Home Planet Playset and a Family Pack of Figures to go along with our Mother and Tiny Pack and Major Plush from before.

The Clangers Home Planet Playset consists of one main piece made of moulded strong, durable plastic. It also comes with a Granny Clanger figurine, a removable Keep reading…

We’re Forever Blowing Bubbles…A Foameez Review


I love bubbles, as a West Ham fan I think it’s part of the territory! I was the 18yr old that had to have a bouncy castle at her birthday party as well as a bubble machine, and luckily for me my little Paines love bubbles too

Recently we were sent a very cool bubble toy for Scott to play with (I’d say Alexa too but she seems to get all the review things!) and it is unlike Keep reading…

Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Daring Dragon Drop and Skiff Review

Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Daring Dragon Drop

You may have guessed long before now that Scott is a huge Thomas & Friends fan. It started with the purchase of just one simple Take-n-Play set just after my dad died in an attempt to take his mind off it and by the end of that year he had every Take-n-Play set that was on sale in the shops, and even some older sets that I’d got from ebay, along with wooden sets, books, dvds, bed covers, anything with Thomas Keep reading…

Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion and Mystery Solving Crew

Scooby Doo Mystery Solving Crew

Scott and Alexa both really love Scooby Doo, they happily watch the episodes on DVD whilst laughing away at how silly Scooby and Shaggy are and wildly guessing at who the baddie is. When I was offered the chance to review the Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion Playset from Character Online and the Mystery Solving Crew figure pack I couldn’t say no.

The Mystery Mansion is aimed at children 3+, is made from very durable plastic and comes very securely Keep reading…

Serenata Hampers Review and Giveaway

Serenata Hampers

When the lovely people from Serenata contacted me last month and offered me the chance to choose whatever I wanted from their site, be it flowers, a hamper with wine or chocolates, or another gift I obviously said yes!

I thought my choice would be easy, I instantly knew I didn’t want flowers and I wanted a hamper – but it had to be in an actual wicker hamper and not just a box (I’m a little in love with wicker baskets!). However, Keep reading…

Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Bag Review and Giveaway

Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Bag

We were recently sent a Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Bag to review from Flair. We’ve only had it a short while and for that time Alexa has been really unwell so it hasn’t been played with as much as it would normally have been.

Inside the box you get the case and the following vet tools: Grooming Brush, Comb, Scissors, Magnifying Glass, Tongue Depressor, Otoscope, Light Up Pet Tag, there’s also a small sheet of stickers included. All of the tools are Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 27/09/15

Scott & Alexa - Top of Castle at Thames Chase

What can I say…my children are a bit weird!

Casdon Supermarket Till

Casdon Supermarket Till

Yep, you guessed it, we’ve added to our Casdon collection again and myself and the kids couldn’t be happier. We absolutely love the Casdon range and when we got the Supermarket Till out of the box this was no different.

Inside the box the till comes assembled along with some paper money, plastic coins, a bank card, some plastic food and some branded food boxes that need assembling.

The Casdon Supermarket Till is made from plastic that is tough and Keep reading…

Sensory Miffy Giveaway

Sensory Miffy

As you may already know, I’m a Miffy Mum. This means I’m lucky enough to share all the latest Miffy news with you along with reviews and giveaways.

The good news is that Miffy will soon be on our screens as Miffy’s Adventures: Big and Small launches on Tiny Pop on 2nd October at 7pm.

I will be posting more about the new series next week but in the meantime, in order to celebrate, I have a Sensory Miffy toy to give away to one Keep reading…