I have plenty of them! Earlier I was tagged into one of those annoying little questionnaire things on Facebook where you’re supposed to compare your life x amount of years ago to how life is now and it got me thinking …yep, dangerous!

I got ‘30’ so a whole 6 years ago.

For my 30th birthday I saw Take That live, complete with Robbie Williams. In the space of that year I found out I was pregnant, became single, celebrated Scott’s first Keep reading…

Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station

Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station

The Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station was an instant hit in our house. Not only is it a toy that enables you to create your very own bracelets, necklaces and nail art but it also has the bonus feature of letting you make the beads yourself.

Inside the Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station box you will find the following:
Storage Station, Cutting Unit, Coring Unit, Threading Unit, 2 x Thread Spools, 4 x Mighty Stix, 6 x Teeny Keep reading…

Spy Gear Ultimate Ninja Night Vision

Ultimate Ninja Night Vision

Sometimes, a toy will arrive for one of the children to play with that will have me wondering how I can possibly hide it away and keep it all for myself. The Spy Gear Ultimate Ninja Night Vision goggles were most definitely one of the toys that I wanted just for me, after all, who doesn’t want to be a spy/ninja and be able to spy on people?!
Unfortunately for me though, Scott managed to see the box before I had Keep reading…

New School, New Start

Over the course of this school year I’ve been watching my son gradually change. Not in the nice way that every parent wants but in a way that was upsetting me more as the months rolled on. He’d gone from being my happy, confident little man to a little boy who throughout the week would be prone to bursting into tears, on edge when doing his homework and really upset at the idea of going to school…and yes, I know Keep reading…

MOKURU: The New Fidget Toy

You’d have to be leading a pretty sheltered life (like mine) to have escaped the Fidget Spinner craze this year, everyone seems to have one and I’m quite frankly amazed that I’ve managed to go so long without giving in to Scott and Alexa’s demands for one But, did you know there’s a new fidget toy available? We were recently sent the MOKURU to play with and within days the kids were hooked.

MOKURU is the latest craze from Keep reading…

Driving Lessons For Under 10s – Young Driver’s Firefly

Young Driver Firefly

Last year my nieces had the chance to review a Young Driver lesson each and I became the coolest Aunt ever …of course this came at a price – I was a mean Mummy as my two were too little to do it too. Fast forward a year and I’d suddenly become amazing again as the lovely people at Young Driver gave us the chance to review their relatively new Firefly lessons for 5-10 year olds.

The Firefly is a 2-seater Keep reading…

Reasons I’m Happily Avoiding Online Dating!

Having experienced the wonderful world of online dating recently, I thought I’d share some of the things that have helped convince me (not that I needed help) that I’m most definitely better off single!

Please bear in mind that the majority of these occurred either instead of a ‘hi’ or within 2 minutes of contact…

“Want to meet up in my car so I can wank over your feet?”
“Mmmm you’re so hot, I want to fuck you hard then cum in your Keep reading…

Dating Again – What’s The Worst That Could Happen?!

A few months ago I was getting my MOT done and the guy that was doing it decided to give me a little lecture – it’s ok, I go there whenever the car needs something sorting out so it’s not the first time he’s ever talked me.

He was asking if I’d met anyone yet so for the umpteenth time I made it clear I wasn’t interested and then he said:

You’re pushing 40 now, it’s about time you put yourself out there and Keep reading…

Meccano Chevrolet Corvette Model Review

Meccano Chevrolet Corvette

We recently received a very cool Meccano Chevrolet Corvette model to build. One look at the box tells you that it’s absolutely gorgeous. It is aimed at anyone over the age of 10 and being I’m well over that age I took it upon myself to claim ownership.

Inside the box you will find an instruction booklet and three bags of parts …279 parts to be precise, as well as a special Meccano screwdriver and a spanner type tool.

Keep reading…

I’m Going To BlogOn!


I don’t normally join in with icebreaker linky things when going to blogging conferences but I decided that sod it, I’m a grown up (so my birth certificate says) so it’s about time I joined in. BlogOn is actually taking place this coming weekend so I’m clearly cutting this a little bit fine but hey, better late than never 🙂

Share a recent picture of you
Ok..I absolutely hate pictures of me but in the spirit of joining in, here are two. Keep reading…