Can We Fix It? With Smoby’s Bob the Builder Toys We Can!

Bob the Builder

When my nieces were younger I used to love having them round so I’d have the perfect excuse to cuddle up to them in front of the tv and watch lots of children’s programmes 🙂 One of those was Bob The Builder and over the years I’ve continued to like it (shh!) and even more so since the new version took over. Scott has always liked Bob but Alexa only took to it once he had had his makeover and Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 23/10/16

My Sunday Photo - Jack!

…looking a little shifty in front of King Henry VIII!

Seriously though, how cool is this?!


Hmm – Where Have My Posts Gone?!

I was talking to someone just now and was asked why I’ve not posted anything for a week. This surprised me as I have published at least 3 posts since then and so I came to check.

My posts have disappeared!

Not just ones from the last week either, there a few scattered over the last few months that aren’t here now.

They’re not visible to you, they’re not in my drafts (I’ve been a numpty before and put things in draft instead Keep reading…

Schleich Horse Club Pick Up with Horse Box

Pick Up with Horse Box

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that Alexa is more than just a little bit in love with Schleich horses, so obviously when I was offered the chance to review a new addition to her collection I took it. The Horse Club Pick Up with Horse Box arrived and the box was bigger than I expected (no idea why I’d imagined it to be smaller considering I know how big the horses are!). The box had bright colourful pictures Keep reading…

Blu Blu the Baby Dolphin Review

Blu Blu the Baby Dolphin

Last year an advert came on the screen that had Alexa literally jumping about in excitement on the sofa …the advert was for a Club Petz Blu Blu the Baby Dolphin from IMC Toys. The conversation that followed went like this:

Alexa: oooh I want it Mummy, I really really want it
Me: ok, we can put it on the list ready to send to Santa.
Alexa: yaaayyy …I want a pink one
Me: I don’t think it comes in pink Alex *looks online Keep reading…

Sleep Tight All Night Unicorn Review

Sleep Tight All Night

If you know me in real life you’ll know that Alexa doesn’t particularly sleep well. Don’t get me wrong, the girl loves her sleep and will be a cranky little thing for most of the day if anyone dares to wake her up in the morning before she’s ready, but getting her to sleep some nights and then keeping her that way has been a source of frustration for the last couple of years. When I was offered a chance Keep reading…

Air Hogs RC Batwing

Air Hogs RC Batwing

When I was younger I loved playing with RC toys, racing cars with my friends down the street and always wanting something that would fly too. Obviously over the last few decades since I was little the quality of these toys has drastically improved and I couldn’t wait until Scott would be big enough to have his very own flying RC toy. When I was offered the Air Hogs RC Batwing to play with, not only was I excited about Keep reading…

Disney Vinyl Tsum Tsums

Disney Vinyl Tsum Tsums

Like most families, we love all things Disney. We don’t all necessarily love the same characters but we each have our particular favourites. We were recently sent some new Disney Vinyl Tsum Tsums from Jakks Pacific and Scott and Alexa couldn’t wait to get the packages open to get at them.

We were sent the following packs:

Disney Tsum Tsum 3 pack (RRP £4.99)
Each 3-Pack collectible set includes one large, one medium, and one small Tsum Tsum figure as well Keep reading…

Raya’s Visit To Adventure Island #SummerofBratz


At the end of the summer holidays we were sent a Raya Music Festival Vibes Bratz doll to take on a #SummerofBratz adventure with us, and where better for an adventure than a theme park called Adventure Island!

As with our other Music Festival Vibes Bratz doll, Raya comes with a change of clothes and accessories, including a bag, hat, sunglasses, phone and phone case, earrings that wouldn’t go into the holes in her ears and of course her Keep reading…

Pet Parade Family Mum and Baby Review

Pet Parade Family Mum and Baby

Last year we reviewed the Pet Parade Carry Kit and Scott and Alexa became hooked. We’ve since added to our collection with the Play World and additional dogs and last week we were sent two new additions to our Pet Parade family – The Pet Parade Family Mum and Baby.

The Pet Parade Family Mum and Baby are available in both dog/puppy and cat/kitten versions – we received the Red Tabby Cat and Kitten set. As soon as Alexa Keep reading…