Dating Again – What’s The Worst That Could Happen?!

A few months ago I was getting my MOT done and the guy that was doing it decided to give me a little lecture – it’s ok, I go there whenever the car needs something sorting out so it’s not the first time he’s ever talked me.

He was asking if I’d met anyone yet so for the umpteenth time I made it clear I wasn’t interested and then he said:

You’re pushing 40 now, it’s about time you put yourself out there and Keep reading…

Meccano Chevrolet Corvette Model Review

Meccano Chevrolet Corvette

We recently received a very cool Meccano Chevrolet Corvette model to build. One look at the box tells you that it’s absolutely gorgeous. It is aimed at anyone over the age of 10 and being I’m well over that age I took it upon myself to claim ownership.

Inside the box you will find an instruction booklet and three bags of parts …279 parts to be precise, as well as a special Meccano screwdriver and a spanner type tool.

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I’m Going To BlogOn!

I don’t normally join in with icebreaker linky things when going to blogging conferences but I decided that sod it, I’m a grown up (so my birth certificate says) so it’s about time I joined in. BlogOn is actually taking place this coming weekend so I’m clearly cutting this a little bit fine but hey, better late than never 🙂

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Ok..I absolutely hate pictures of me but in the spirit of joining in, here are two. Keep reading…

StikBot ZANIMATION Studio and Hair Styling Action Pack


I first saw StikBots on a stand at BlogOn at the end of last year and if I’m completely honest, my first thought wasn’t that the kids would love it but that I desperately wanted to play with it! Roll on a few months and I finally had my hands on not just the StikBot ZANIMATION Studio but also a Hair Styling Action Pack to help make our animations a bit more interesting.

Inside the boxes you find the following:
StikBot ZANIMATION Keep reading…

Interplay Fairy Charm Jewellery

Fairy Charm Jewellery Set

Here in the Paine household we love getting involved in craft projects and making something cool. Alexa also loves all things fairy and jewellery so when Interplay sent us their Fairy Charm Jewellery set from their Craft Box range to play with, it was bound to make her happy.

Inside the Fairy Charm Jewellery set box you will find an instruction booklet detailing how to make bracelets and necklaces, over 300 beads in different designs, 12 metal Fairy charms (some Keep reading…

Sands Alive Cake Shop

Sands Alive Cake Shop

Before Christmas Scott and Alexa were excited to have finally got the chance to get their little hands on a set of Sands Alive Glow by John Adams and were keen to expand their collection. A few weeks ago their wishes were fulfilled when we were kindly sent the Sands Alive Cake Shop to play with.

Inside the box you get:
225g of pink sand, 450g of white sand, a plastic tray, 2 patterned rollers, 3 cake moulds.

Alexa was in her Keep reading…

Puppy Surprise Review

Puppy Surprise

“Surprise, Surprise, Puppy Surprise, will there be 3 or 4 or 5?”
Ha! Bet you sung along to that didn’t you?! Please say you did and that it’s not just me that has a million songs from toy adverts stuck in my head!

As you may have guessed, we were recently sent a Puppy Surprise to play with from Just Play (RRP £27.99). Alexa loves dogs and especially puppies but is allergic to them so having toy versions always makes her a Keep reading…

Pancake Day with Num Noms

Pancake Day with Num Noms

Up until last year I’d never had pancakes, shocking , right?! Anyways I finally rectified that problem and made sure that the kids had some too, of course I didn’t bother making the actual pancakes myself (in case I ruined them!) and bought some pre-made ones from the supermarket. Scott and Alexa totally loved them and we’ve had them a few times since. Knowing Pancake Day was coming up they’ve been getting excited and so when Num Noms challenged us Keep reading…

My Fairy Garden Fairies and Friends

My Fairy Garden Fairies and Friends

I’ve told you about our My Fairy Garden and My Fairy Garden Watering Can, now it’s time to tell you all about the Fairies and Friends pack from Interplay that we received too.

The My Fairy Garden Fairies and Friends set arrives in a clear box showing all three Fairies and the Friends in all their glory.

The Fairies and their Friends are:
Lily and her Frog friend
Heather and her Squirrel friend
Andrena and her Hedgehog friend

The Fairies are all Keep reading…

Single Mums Are Desperate…Apparently!

Whilst stood in a queue at the local A&E department waiting for Scott to get an x-ray (a whole other story!) I had the ‘delight’ of being able to listen to two boys (late teens/early 20s) discussing their sex lives.
Whilst listening to the intimate details of what one of them had been up to with his girlfriend’s friend was, well, making me lose the will to live, what really got me wanting to strangle them was the following bit of information…

Single mums are Keep reading…