My Sunday Photo – 02/08/15

Punch & Judy

Not the best quality photo but I love it, we were at the Museum of Childhood for National Dolls Day and they found this Punch & Judy theatre. Of course they HAD to have a go and decided to use their dolls to have a fight!

Pet Parade Carry Kit Review

Pet Parade Carry Kit

Alexa has now reached the stage of wanting a dog …this isn’t good due to the fact her brother is terrified of them and the minor fact that she’s allergic to them. She knows this and has been really good recently by not going near them and if anyone at the park offers to let her stroke theirs, she tells them she can’t because she’s ‘lergic’. So when the Pet Parade Carry Kit from Flair arrived for us to play with, Keep reading…

Professor Scrubbington’s Emporium Of Clean – Review and Giveaway

Professor Scrubbington's Emporium of Clean

My children are disgusting, there, I said it! They seem to forever be covered in dirt, paint, food, or in Alexa’s case – pen, even within minutes of getting out of the bath at times. Although they love being in the bath and splashing about they’re not overly keen on the actual washing process and will often sound like they’re being tortured whilst I wash their hair.

So, when Professor Scrubbington’s sent me a selection of their lovely products last month Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 26/07/15

Scott and Alexa with M&M Knight

Before we got whisked off in an ambulance at Leicester Square two weeks ago, I had promised the kids we would go into the M&M store on our way home as they had got excited when we walked past on the way to the cinema.

So, because they missed out then, we quickly popped into there on our way home after seeing a screening of Inside Out with Subway yesterday.

They loved the shop (I Keep reading…

Dora and Friends Dolls Review

Dora and Friends Dolls

As you may know by now, Alexa likes dolls. She has her favourites of course but any doll is a good doll and always very much wanted by her and the two Dora and Friends dolls that arrived along with the other Dora toys were no exception.

We received Dora and Alana from the Doggie Days episode. Each doll comes with an adventure charm –in this case, dogs – which can be used on the different charm bracelets available.

Keep reading…

Dora and Friends Charm Bracelet Toys Review

Dora and Friends Charm Bracelet

Being the girly girl she so often is, Alexa loves dressing up and especially the part where she gets to put on jewellery (pretend of course as I don’t fancy having lost bracelets etc!). When she found some Dora and Friends charm bracelets in the box of goodies we received recently she was over the moon.

We received two different sets: Dora Magic Charm Bracelet and Dora Magic Adventure Charms.

The Dora Magic Charm Bracelet set contains a plastic Keep reading…

Puppy Love? No Thank You!

My little girl, my sweet little 3 year old girl, seems to have developed a liking for a boy at Scott’s school. He seems to like her back. It’s ok to lock her away till she’s 30 now, right?!

To make matters worse(?) the object of her affection is Scott’s best friend, the one who punched him this week and gave him a nosebleed, now there’s 2 reasons for me to not like him!!

It started with just smiling at each other, Keep reading…

Dora Talk and Play Smartphone Review

Dora and friends Talk and Play Smartphone

We were recently lucky enough to receive a box of brand new Dora and Friends toys and one of those toys was the Dora Talk and Play Smartphone.

The phone is designed to look just like Dora’s smartphone on the show and this really appealed to Alexa. From the moment she laid eyes on it she was desperate to get it out of the box and play with it. It comes complete with batteries which is always a plus as Keep reading…

Sing Along This Summer With Nick Jr and Dora


From today, 10am-1pm every day will become the time for your little ones to get vocal and join in with Nick Jr and their Sing-Along Summer. Their favourite shows will have on screen lyrics to help them, and you, join in and sing along to the show’s songs and theme tunes.

As part of Nick Jr.’s Sing-Along Summer, there will be a Dora karaoke booth visiting shopping centres and Smyths stores nationwide from 18th July – 16th August. Your little ones can sing and Keep reading…

Friendships and Nosebleeds – The Complicated Life Of A 4yr Old

I’ve given up trying to keep track of who Scott’s current ‘best friend’ is.

Last week (and for months before) it was one little boy and Scott could be heard moaning to me at how mean another two little boys were because they kept trying to stop his best friend from sitting next to him.

This week it turns out that one of the ‘mean’ boys is his new best friend.

Today I got a phone call from the nursery. As usual I instantly Keep reading…