Stamptastic Stamp Set Giveaway


As you may remember, last year we were very lucky to be invited to be Stamptastic Ambassadors. Not only did we get the chance to use their amazing stamps to label up all of our uniforms (the labels we stamped haven’t faded a bit since I stamped them in August – shame the actual clothing isn’t still perfect!) but we also got to spend the day at Kew Gardens with the lovely ladies that own and run the business …and yes, Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 01/05/16

My Sunday Photo - Fencing

…scary children – just look at her face!!

Whilst at Geronimo and avoiding the rain toward the end of the day, we wandered into a tent that was doing fencing, naturally these two saw the opportunity to hit each other so were totally up for it!


Clangers Magazine Review

Clangers Magazine

Scott and Alexa love the Clangers, so much so that they made me put it on series record because I’m often mean and make them have a bath when it’s on. They also really love magazines so when I was offered the chance to review a copy of the brand new Clangers Magazine before it’s release on 27th April, I obviously had to say yes.

Unfortunately for Scott, the magazine arrived when he was at school so Alex Keep reading…

A Day In The Life Of Baby Annabell

A Day In The Life Of Baby Annabell

Alexa loves babies, real babies, pretend babies, as long as she can give it a cuddle and look after it she doesn’t mind which! Since she got her first Baby Annabell a few years ago for Christmas she’s been hooked and her mothering/nurturing skills have improved significantly. Gone are the early days where she would drop poor Baby Annabell on her head or pull her along by her leg (poor doll!), now Baby Annabell gets treated better than I do!

I Keep reading…

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Close Call Cliff Set #TeamThomas

Trackmaster Close Call Cliff #TeamThomas

If you’ve been here before you will know already that Scott loves all things Thomas, so when we found out about a new campaign being run it’s no surprise that we joined #TeamThomas.

Thomas & Friends are inviting fans and families to power Thomas on a virtual journey to reach The Great Race – the new film being released at the end of May.

Parents and children can join in with fun weekly activities on the Thomas & Friends website and Facebook Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 24/04/16

My Sunday Photo - Dancing

…just randomly dancing in the country park…as you do!


Baby Annabell Special Care Set

Baby Annabell Special Care Set

I’d been looking everywhere for a proper hanger for Baby Annabell’s clothes (sad I know!) and then one day I came home to the accessory set of my dreams (I told you before I have no life!).

The Special Care Set comprises of the following items:
A bib, a hat, a pair of shoes, a nappy, a dummy, a bottle, a talcum powder bottle, a cream jar, a teething ring, a vest, a romper and of course my much wanted hanger!

As Keep reading…

Disney Princess Toddler Dolls

Disney Toddler Dolls

We were recently sent some Disney Princess Toddler Dolls from Jakks Toys to be special guests at our National Tea Day tea party. From the moment Alexa saw the boxes she was bouncing about squealing in delight and couldn’t wait for me to get them out of their boxes …literally!

Each doll comes packaged in a simple box with clear front and partial sides but are well secured inside the boxes. There are several elastic straps holding them Keep reading…

Celebrating National Tea Day With A Royal Tea Party

National Tea Day Tea Party

Thursday 21st April is National Tea Day and what better way to celebrate this than by having a tea party…and not just any old tea party – a Royal tea party as it will be the Queen’s birthday too! To help us achieve our perfect tea party, Jakks sent us a box full of things we just might need…

First we needed to sort out our guest list, we couldn’t have a royal tea party for National Tea Day without some royal Keep reading…

Sofia The First Royal Tea Time Surprise Review

Royal Tea Time Surprise

As part of celebrating this year’s National Tea Day, Alexa received a very cool Sofia the tea set that has been well played with every day since it arrived.

Inside the box there are the following items:
Fabric mat, teapot, 2 tea cups, 2 tea spoons, 4 fabric cakes and a bonus lesson card that will work with the Amulet toy if you have it.

The mat is essentially a purple patterned tablecloth complete with place markings on Keep reading…