My Sunday Photo – 03/05/15


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We’re In The Mood For Dancing…


Well I’m not, me and dancing definitely don’t go together!

During half term we were invited along to Pineapple Dance studios to meet up with other bloggers and their children to learn a dance routine from the Annie movie,  choreographed by Richard Marcel.

It was a last minute thing so the kids weren’t prepared – to the point that Shannon (my eldest niece) only had crocs on her feet so needed to borrow some old trainers from me (and I’m a size or Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 26/04/15


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My Sunday Photo – 19/04/15

Take a look at this week’s photo.

MyPhotoSchool – Lightroom for Photographers – Week 2


Week 2: Introducing the Digital Darkroom

I’ve now come to the end of week two and still finding it useful, usually by now in any other online course I’ve done, I’ve got bored and found I’ve not learnt anything – definitely not the case here!

During this week’s lesson we learned how to use the Develop module’s Basic panel and tool bar to fix common problems in photos. In the video  lesson George went through step by step showing us how to:
Use the sliders Keep reading…

Jumbo 4 Connect


I’ve loved Connect 4 for as long as I can remember. It’s a quick, simple game that anyone can play and is one of the few games that never got banned in our house when I was growing up (not that my family were evil, just no-one liked playing games with me because I always won but at least this was over quicker!)

When the lovely people at Big Game Hunters offered to let me play with their Jumbo 4 Connect from their Keep reading…

MyPhotoSchool – Lightroom for Photographers – Week 1


Week One: Import and Organise

I’ve finished week one and so far I’m finding it really useful – always a good thing when you’ve invested in a course!

The course is really quite simple to use and get started with, just log in, click on the lesson and then watch the video lesson from the tutor, George Cairns.

Along the side of the screen there are different tabs taking you to one of five sections:
Lesson Discussion: this is where participants can leave Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 05/04/15


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MyPhotoSchool – Lightroom for Photographers


I was recently asked if I would like to complete one of three courses with MyPhotoSchool and of course I jumped at the chance.

I’m forever wanting to learn new things, especially when it comes to photography or photography related software I have on my laptop, so after looking through the different courses that were offered to me I opted for Adobe Lightroom for Photographers.

The topics over the next 4 weeks are as follows:
Week 1: Import and Organize
Week 2: Keep reading…