Disney Pixar Cars 3 1:16 RC Ultimate Lightning McQueen Review

Cars 3 RC Ultimate Lightning McQueen

As big fans of the Disney Pixar Cars movies, Scott and Alexa were really excited to get the chance to test out the new Disney Pixar Cars 3 1:16 Remote Control Ultimate Lightning McQueen car from Simba Smoby. The Ultimate range (rrp £59.99) is suitable for children aged 5+ and includes not only Lightning McQueen but also Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez.

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BABY born Wonderland Fairy Rider Doll Review

BABY born Wonderland Fairy Rider Doll

Although Alexa is a big fan of all dolls and has been lucky enough to have got her hands on a fair amount of them, she’s never actually had a ‘proper’ BABY born doll, as in the Interactive version. So when we were recently offered the chance to play with the BABY born Wonderland Fairy Rider Doll I just knew she’d love it – it’s BABY born AND it has wings!


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Scalextric BTCC Touring Car Battle Set Review

Scalextric BTCC Touring Car Battle Set

Last year we ventured into the world of Scalextric, albeit the starter world of ‘My First Scalextric’, and the kids were left wanting more. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and they finally got their hands on a ‘proper’ set, the Scalextric BTCC Touring Car Battle Set, and they couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and race.

Inside the box you find the following:
BTCC BMW 125 Jack Goff, BTCC Honda Civic Gorden Shedden, Powerbase straight, Keep reading…

Don’t be a Donkey Review

Don't be a Donkey

A few weeks ago we were sent a new game to play with. When the box arrived Scott asked what was inside and so I told him – Don’t be a Donkey – at which point my darling daughter started howling with laughter as she thought I was insulting him! Don’t be a Donkey isn’t a random form of insult but indeed a really fun game to play that aimed 2-4 players aged 4+.


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Baby Annabell Learns To Swim Review

Baby Annabell Learns To Swim

We were recently sent a Baby Annabell Learns to Swim doll to review and it was great because, well, we love Baby Annabell and not so great because it started my child off with her ‘I want to go for swimming lessons, Mummy’ spiel again! It’s not that I don’t want her to learn how to swim, it’s simply a case of not being able to afford lessons right now – agghh!

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Mi-Mic Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker Review

Mi-Mic Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker

If you spend time in my house it doesn’t take long to realise that Alexa is a little performer and absolutely loves to sing. She’ll sing along to the radio, to Mummy’s Justin Bieber playlist on YouTube and songs in the car, to theme tunes on tv and she’ll often be found making up her own songs just so she has an excuse to sing. She often asks for a microphone to sing with but mean-mummy here keeps putting her Keep reading…

Penguin Pile-Up Review

Penguin Pile-Up

It was recently declared in our house that, aside from their two favourite games at the moment, allll our games are boring. Luckily for them Penguin Pile-Up from Ravensburger arrived with us the next day for us to try out. From the second they saw the box they were keen to get it opened and start playing.

Inside the box you find the following:
A game base, an iceberg with flag, 20 penguins, a cardboard ring and an instruction booklet.

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Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care Doll Review

Cicciobello Love 'n' Care Doll

It really isn’t a secret that Alexa loves dolls, if she sees one she just HAS to get to cuddle it. If it cries, moves or ‘does something’ then even better. So, when she saw that we had been sent a Cicciobello Love n Care doll recently she couldn’t wait to get him out of the box and look after him.

Inside the box you get the following:
Cicciobello,  three bottles (milk, juice, medicine), a dummy, a syringe, a thermometer Keep reading…

Digital Kids Show 2017

Digital Kids Show

Last year I shared details with you about the first ever Digital Kids Show. I didn’t get to go as it was on Scott’s birthday weekend and even though it’s later this year I still don’t get to as I’m too poor to get there *cue major FOMO and sulking*.

So, first off, it’s taking place on November 18th and 19th and is back in Manchester’s Event City….that means there’s only 6 weeks left to go!

This year there will Keep reading…

Scented Stationery from ScentCo

ScentCo Scented Stationery

Back to school, three little words that can invoke so many emotions. Sometimes excitement, upset, fear or dread from the little ones at the idea of having to go back. Sometimes joy, elation, relief for the parents that may have been driven slightly insane over the holidays. Then there’s panic/stress over affording everything needed to send them back and then sometimes, just sometimes you may be like me and be like a child at Christmas over the idea of new Keep reading…