Major, Mother & Tiny Paid Us A Visit! (Clangers Toy Review)

Clangers Toys

You may have noticed the Clangers are back! The Clangers was originally on our screens in the late 60’s/early 70’s so I missed it by a decade. Having an older brother and sister I had managed to hear about it before it returned to grace our screens on CBeebies on 15th June this year.

As with any other cool children’s programme, there is of course an equally cool set of toys to accompany it.

The Clangers range of toys was Keep reading…

Creaturepedia Book Review

Creaturepedia Book

We were recently sent a copy of Creaturepedia from Mumsnet Book Club.

When the book arrived I was surprised at the quality of it, it’s amazing. It is large and very heavy with the title embossed into the hard cover. Creaturepedia has just over 200 fully illustrated pages containing over 600 animals. The animals are split into 42 groups such as ‘The poisonous’, ‘The gladiators’, ‘The solitary’ and ‘The endangered’.

Scott asked what endangered meant and when I explained Keep reading…

Win A Copy Of Milkshake! Magazine *Quick Giveaway*

This is a very quick giveaway (because I’m in a good mood!), so if you would like to win one of three copies of Milkshake! Magazine, please read on

Milkshake! magazine is the most exciting magazine for pre-school children around!
Starring Derek, Kemi, Jen and all the Milkshake! presenters, along with favourite characters from the programme’s glittering line up – including Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom and Little Princess plus introducing new shows and characters, Keep reading…

The Things We Can’t Go Out Without

What's In Our Bags?

Before I had children I very rarely used a bag. Instead I’d just shove my cards, keys, phone and money into my jean pocket and off I’d go – easy!

Then I had a baby and my changing bag took over and stepping outside became something that resembled a military operation. I’d need nappies, wipes, creams, millions of spare clothes, bottles, ready made milk cartons or milk powder pots that had been carefully measured out, infacol, calpol, dummies, baby toys, Milton Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 28/06/15

My Sunday Photo

Even though he’s caked in dirt, tired from a long day at Kew Gardens and looking quite stroppy because I was taking a photo of him …I think he looks kinda gorgeous

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The True Value Of A Mum

Today me and the kids should have been giving presents and cards, maybe having a party or going for a meal out. But we’re not. Instead we’re taking a trip to the graveyard to lay flowers in lieu of those gifts and cards. Today would have been my Mum’s 70th Birthday.

She’s been gone for just over six years now but I still miss her so much. She was the woman I could tell anything to, who would generally take my side over Keep reading…

My Back To School Wishlist #GettingCoolForSchool

flippy skirt

It’s that time of year where everyone is looking forward to the summer holidays and no more school – ok, that’s probably what the kids are all looking forward to more! For me though it’s a mixed bag. I’m looking forward to having my little ones for the summer and being able to relax together and have some fun. I’m also a little sad as I know that after this summer both of them will be at school.

Scott is moving Keep reading…

Attitude and A&E


Scott’s had a bit of a mixed week. Last week he was asking me if I could forget to take him to school as he didn’t want to go in and take part in the Father’s Day assembly they were doing. He told me that he hadn’t had to take part in the preparations and had been allowed to play but that the other children were then asking him questions about why he doesn’t have a daddy.  He’d had nightmares Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 21/06/15

My Sunday Photo - Alexa wheeling a tyre along

I was talking to Scott’s teacher and then turned around to find Alexa playing with this tyre, it took ages to get her to leave it alone…little weirdo!

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RealTimes – Ultimate Family Moments Competition

Whilst at BritMums Live earlier, I got chatting to the lovely people from RealTimes.

In short, it is an app that takes your photos and videos, picks out what it analyses to be your best moments and it places it all into a magical montage with absolutely no effort required from you …sounds just like my sort of app! Best of all, it’s available free and anyone you choose to share with doesn’t need to have the app themselves.

I’ll post up Keep reading…