Cry Babies Doll Review

Cry Babies

You know when you go shopping for a toy for someone else’s child and you pick a toy that you just know the child will love but their parents will hate but don’t care as it’s not you (or is it just me that does that?!)…well I seem to have that very toy in my house!
We were recently blessed with the addition of Coney, a very cute looking Cry Babies doll. Alexa loves absolutely everything about her (and Scott thinks Keep reading…

Our Visit To Kidzania London

KidZania London

A few days ago, we were lucky enough to get the chance to visit KidZania London in Westfield (the Shepherds Bush one, not Stratford like I was initially hoping when I first heard about it last year!).

KidZania is “a 75,000 sq.ft. child-size City where kids are in charge” aimed at children from 4-14yrs old. When I first heard about it Alexa was under 4 so I put it on the back burner but now she is old enough I was Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 21/08/16

My Sunday Photo - Beach

Whilst on our little holiday the last week and a half, these two have really grown in confidence in a number or things…venturing into the ice cold sea being one of them!


My Sunday Photo – 14/08/16

My Sunday Photo - Thames Barrier Park

During the week my friend invited us along with her and her daughter to the park next to the Thames Barrier for a picnic. The kids all decided to play with a Velcro target game that’s been in the boot of my car for about 8 years!

As you can see in this picture, Alex managed to catch up with Scott and attack him 🙂


National Theatre: Bookshop Tour

National Theatre

Whilst at the National Theatre we were also given a quick tour around their bookshop by the lovely Dana.

The shop itself doesn’t appear to be overly huge but is the biggest book shop inside a theatre in the UK. The back wall and shelves directly next to it are full of books and playtexts whereas the rest of the shop contains what would fit into the ‘gift’ category.

Among the gifts you will find homeware, toiletries, children’s books, toys, and an Keep reading…

National Theatre: Backstage Tour & Latitude Festival

National Theatre

Last weekend (5th – 7th August) Latitude Festival ventured from Suffolk to the South Bank with an exciting and eclectic selection of performances taking place on the National Theatre’s River Stage. We were invited along to watch one of the performances, which were available for anyone to watch for free, and also attend a backstage tour of the theatre.

As it turned out, we were the only ones that turned up for the tour so we got to have our Keep reading…

BABY born Sister Doll Review

BABY born Sister

Today is National Sister Day, and what better way is there to celebrate than by getting to play with the new BABY born Sister interactive doll. We were sent BABY born’s latest doll to play with ahead of the day and ahead of her release and I think it’s safe to say that Alexa approves of our new family member.

We recorded this video to show the kids unboxing her.

BABY born Sister comes in a clear Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 07/08/16

My Sunday Photo

After having a cool afternoon being shown around backstage at the National Theatre and then watching a production on the River Stage, we were walking along the South bank and saw a cool fountain that just had to be played in…even I wanted to go running through it!


5 Minute Fun

5 Minute Fun

It’s the summer holidays and it didn’t take long for the ‘Muuum I’m bored’ comments to start up. So when I was recently introduced to a brand new site called 5 Minute Fun I was more than a little intrigued and hopeful that this could help alleviate the dreaded boredom. 5 Minute Fun is a service that is made up of free and exciting educational activities and ideas for parents and children to try out together.

Simply sign up on the Keep reading…

Poppit Bakery Playset Review

Poppit Bakery Playset

When the Poppit Bakery Playset arrived and Alexa laid eyes on it, she was itching to get the box open and roped in her cousin Alyssa to help. The play set is a clay based set that enables children aged 4+ to create miniature bakery items and finish them off with sprinkles!

Inside the box you will find:
Four sealed packs of different coloured air-dry clay, four airtight pots to store unused clay in,  twelve different Poppit moulds (including standard, Keep reading…