Today Is A Really Important Day!

No, I’m not talking about Valentines Day, I’m talking about POTTY TRAINING DAY 3…

Day 1 – Accident Free
Day 2 – Accident Free
I don’t think I could feel prouder of him than I do right now, he’s done sooo well, I was dreading it for months as I wasn’t looking forward to the bundles of wet trousers and pants that I would inevitably be washing but he’s put me to shame and has been an absolute star 😀
As for Valentines Day, as a single mummy I obviously have no-one to give me cards/presents/ take me out – don’t worry I’m not about to break down into a flood of tears as I’m really not bothered – but I did manage to wake up to the below.
Apparently my gorgeous little babies told my sister what they wanted to get me so she got it …I love my little angels 😀

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