What You Probably Shouldn’t Say To A 1 Year Old…

Soo…following on from a post I made not that long ago about what I shouldn’t have said to Scott, (found here), I seem to keep making massive errors in what I say to the kids.

You’d have thought I might have learnt by now but nooo I seem to be getting worse because now, rather than it being an innocent comment being repeated by my little boy but made to sound really awful, it’s me saying my innocent comment out loud – in public – for other adults to stand back and snigger at.

So what have I been saying to Alexa???

Well….you might have noticed in a Silent Sunday post a few weeks ago the photo of Alex holding some balls in a shop…she has a slight obsession with balls…footballs, bouncy balls, those plastic balls from machines that have ‘prizes’ inside…any kind of ball as long as she can hold it and hold two at the same time. One isn’t enough, there HAS to be two, or even better three!

We can be in shops and she’ll find some and carry them about with her expecting me to buy them. That wouldn’t be so bad if she then hadn’t got into her head that if she licks something she can definitely have it (she licked food once so obviously i had to buy it) so there she goes, wandering round shops…licking balls :/

Thanks to my gorgeous little lady I’m now the recipient of many sniggers whenever I stupidly utter the words ‘Alexa! Please stop licking balls’ or words to that effect…oh the shame :(

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