The Discovery Of …Umm…’Bits’

So, Scott has been aware of his ‘bits’ for a while now, as a baby he’d constantly grab at it whenever his nappy was off and for a few months last year he would about naked at any opportunity he could trying to ‘scare’ everyone (when I say everyone I mean me, Alexa, my sister and my nieces – not like the whole neighbourhood or anything!) wiggling himself about shouting ‘look!! my willy!!’.

He is aware that nobody should be looking at or touching him there to the point that he washes himself there in the bath and tells me I shouldn’t touch him(!) and tells whoever is changing his nappy that they shouldn’t look at his ‘private bits’.

He goes through phases of announcing to anyone that will listen that he has a big willy – and at one point that his willy is bigger than mummy’s …I should bloody hope so considering mummy doesn’t have one -I don’t, honest!!

So what’s new??

It would appear that he has now noticed that it sometimes gets erect. The other night, whilst changing his nappy, he looked down and said to me in a very panicy voice:

Mummy, my willy is broken ….it’s not sticking up.

How on earth am I meant to respond to that properly?!!! Oh god, my little man is 2 and a half years old and I’m now dreading him being older and all the other things that will crop up in relation to his bits ….help!! 

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